111 N. Higgins Suite 100 Missoula, Montana 59802
Hours: Mon-Sat 5:00-10 ish

Our Mission

The Red Bird believes in serving sustainably grown fresh foods & our menu changes frequently to reflect the wide variety of seasonal foods available regionally.

The Red Bird is an active member of the Western Montana Growers Cooperative &as a result, we are able to support local farmers while at the same time serving Missoula high quality naturally grown meats & vegetables. All of our chicken, duck, beef, pork & lamb are locally raised. We buy whole animals & all our butchering is done in house.

Over the years our chefs have become known for their house made sausages & innovative cuisine. Additionally, when seasonally possible, we have contracts w/ several local growers for our produce. By utilizing the abundance of Montana’s naturally grown food sources, we aspire to offer the best tasting food possible while also supporting the local economy, reducing the amount of resources required in the transportation process, as well as minimizing the amount of agricultural chemicals released into our environment.

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